The most advanced free HD Voice
calling application and messenger

VoiSea App

VoiSea is the world’s first free, most advanced, satellite-based maritime communications app. It enables access to free HD video, SMS and voice calls at sea and other remote locations, all whilst keeping bandwidth consumption to a minimum.

Our versatile app gives users the option to switch to a low-bandwidth version which reduces usage to as low as 8kbps, yet still enables the user to communicate through fast messages and calls. This innovative option is especially useful for users on board ferries, cruise liners, ships and also aircraft, where bandwidth constraints exist.

VoiSea also offers users the opportunity to avoid in-country VoIP restrictions, allowing them to make calls and send messages regardless of where they are.

VoiSea also features:

  • Call forwarding, enabling free incoming calls
  • Free HD audio calls even within 2G/GPRS networks
  • Free lightning-fast instant messaging, photo and location sharing
  • Highest security and privacy with 2048 RSA encryption
  • Extended battery life. VoiSea is very light on resources and batteries last up to 1.5 times longer
  • Recognizes local numbers and country codes for calling contacts
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